Scott Roberts  
Former California Director

“Three years ago we started thinking about a plan for public sector unions, going out and defunding the opposition, and trying to weaken them.”

The Freedom Foundation is an organization with a political agenda aimed at weakening unions - who they believe play a major role in many of the problems facing our country.

They see UDW (and other unions) as a political enemy - because as a group of nearly 100,000 IHSS providers, they think we have the strength and ability to stop their agenda.

Freedom Foundation wants you to believe that by opting out of the union, you'll save money.

But the truth is that UDW is the one fighting to save its providers money - successfully preventing a 20% cut to IHSS hours in court and then restoring 7% last year that led to a savings of $217 per month for workers. This is what your dues money is spent on - protecting your pay, benefits and rights.

What Freedom Foundation is saying sounds good, but it's not true - and what they're promising can't be believed.

This is what the Freedom Foundation has said about unions like ours and IHSS providers like us.
freedom foundation tom mccabe
Tom McCabe
Chief Executive Officer

"Whatever you’re doing - stop what you’re doing and make sure the focus is on unions – defunding them, marginalizing them, dismantling them, all of that.”

They don't support the $15 minimum wage, calling it "politically popular but economically dangerous."
They claim they understand IHSS workers and their clients, but one of their executives called caregivers a bunch of "babysitters."
freedom foudnation scott roberts
freedom foundation rob valencia
Ron Valencia
Former Advancement Associate

“[In-home child care] workers are basically babysitters.”

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