What This Means for Our Communities

The Freedom Foundation is spending millions of dollars trying to get workers to “opt-out” of their unions. They have zeroed in on California’s home care workers for a simple reason: because they believe we’re easy targets for harassment, misinformation, and intimidation. 


But the folks behind the Freedom Foundation have a bigger agenda than just breaking the bond between home care workers and their unions. If they get what they want, it will be disastrous for ALL working families and our communities.


The Freedom Foundation and its donors support:

  • Reducing or cutting vital public services such as Medicare, Medicaid—which help fund vital public programs like IHSS and Social Security. [source

  • Privatizing public services and eliminating public sector jobs, freeing up money for corporate tax cuts and reducing the ability of public sector unions to stand in the way of more corporate giveaways. [source


The Freedom Foundation and its donors oppose:


In other states where there is no strong union voice, the so-called “right-to-work” states, there has been an explosion of private prisons, outsourced road and public works services, and other unqualified contractors doing work that should be done by dedicated public professionals.


The Freedom Foundation isn’t just a threat to workers, it’s a threat to our families and neighbors. By fighting the Freedom Foundation, UDW caregivers are fighting for stronger communities and stronger values.