What We're Defending Against


Home care is in danger. UDW protects vital home care services for seniors and people with disabilities. Without our union, we face cuts to home care, fewer benefits, lower wages, and no one to protect the rights of IHSS providers.​

Now is not the time to weaken UDW's defense of IHSS providers. The new federal administration's policy proposals include:

  • Potential cuts to Social Security that could mean cuts in income for both clients and providers

  • End of overtime benefits, paid medical wait time and travel time for in-home care workers through elimination of the Federal Labor Standards Act

  • Potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - and other attacks on Medicaid (which pays for roughly 55% of all IHSS funding) - putting over 500,000 seniors and people with disabilities at risk

Furthermore, attacks on the ACA also risk the health coverage of over 20 million Americans, including 75,000 UDW home care workers who are eligible for expanded Medi-Cal or subsidies through ACA.

Yet the Freedom Foundation is seeking to undermine our ability to protect IHSS providers and clients. One Freedom Foundation executive called caregivers a bunch of "babysitters." The Freedom Foundation opposes the minimum wage, paid sick leave and other benefits for workers - and wants to weaken home care workers' power by taking away our collective bargaining rights. And they're trying to gain access to your personal contact information so they can come right to your door, or to that of your clients.

Learn more about the Freedom Foundation and what UDW is doing to fight for you and your clients.